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Who are we?


As a small team of ex-corporate retailees, with experiences from all angles of the retail world, we understand the importance in meeting each of our respective stakeholders needs. We are passionate about ensuring small retailers have access to big name, high impact products at affordable prices, whilst respecting supplier, and product integrity.

Our carefully selected and curated range of products from a small cultivated list of suppliers, means that we are able to ensure we have a genuine in-depth knowledge and understanding of our product catalogue. By keeping our range of suppliers and products to a minimum, allows us to retain a uniquely intimate relationship with manufacturers, who in return provide us with access to the latest on-trend products, and at extremely favourable rates - giving us the opportunity to bridge the gap between factory and shop floor, and pass on this valuable relationship to a whole host of retailers across the UK - both big and small. 

Why are we supplier favourites?

- Our focus on individual product lines helps us to commit to large volume, single line sales with manufacturers and producers, with very supplier-favourable terms.

- A large network of vetted retailers means we are able to ensure integrity on an individual product-by-product basis, including the ability to blackout certain sales avenues, and to insist on minimum pricing, to ensure products aren't undervalued.

- Our passion for individual products means that we don't stock something unless we have a genuine passion for it. This means a dedicated salesman for your product, with a genuine interest and understanding in it.

- A single point of contact connects you with hundreds of retailers, whilst freeing up valuable time at your end.

Why are we retailer favourites?

- By hand vetting the network of retailers we bring on board, ensure that our elite chosen ones stay ahead of competitors.

 - Our constant evolution based on feedback and buyer habits helps to stay ahead of trends, and provide a good and honest selection of top quality products in a concise and environment.

- With just one point of call to connect you with dozens of suppliers and products, you're able to hone in on high impact products without the filler associated with individual supplier catalogues.

- Due diligence checks on products, and a point of call for any pre-sales questions or after-sales support puts you in direct line with suppliers without overstretching the decision makers within your organisation.

- Our focus on a small range of profit driving products means we are able to negotiate a lot larger discounts on these products than a single one-off order.

- With over 14 years in the industry, our suppliers enable us to bring products to market before other avenues, and often even provide us with the ability to buy out unique ranges available no where else.

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Our Story

Our Story

As important as understanding what we do, is an understanding of who we are and where we came from.

Paul Volkmer


What began as frustration in the early 00s, when opening up a small boutique gift shop along the Cornish coast, ended up as a mission to ensure access for all when sourcing and procuring; and has grown into a unique and reliable network that Elyar now is, some 15 years later.

Paul started his retailing life in Manchester as a buyer for a large chain of clothing stores in the late 90s. Disappointed in the sheer volume of paperwork, and the endless chains of emails bounced around the office, Paul decided to bring life and excitement into the products he was purchasing, and went off to set up on his own.

After running his own gift shop, Paul was deflated by how difficult it was for small buyers to be put in touch with faceless organisations. Determined to put things right, Elyar was born.

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Amazing Staff
Meet Our Team

Our Team

Sticking to the business' initial aim of making buying more approachable for small retailers, we like to continue this goal, by putting a face to our very lovely team.

Susan Day

With a focus on bringing an exciting and diverse mix of stores to our list of exclusive retailers, Susan has found a way of putting her shopaholic addiction to good use.

Jamie Dickinson

Endorsed with the envious task of searching high and low for the next big thing, Jamie meets suppliers up and down the country to find on-trend items.

Lori Harvey
Logistics Manager

Whether it is to arrange a truckload of candles form Inverness to London, or a single pallet order to a shop in the local high street - Lori is the face of all things logistical.

Ralph Fields

Ralph has an intimate (and slightly worryingly) knowledge of where each and every item we stock is in the warehouse.



With a broad range of products stocked from a cultivated list of suppliers, feedback from our network of retailers ensures that we continue to evolve our content based on customer feedback and demands.